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When to Break the Rules of Writing

When to Break the Rules of Writing â€Å"Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.† Frank Zappa, composer/musician As a freelance writer of fiction and nonfiction, my work is governed by the rules and conventions that were instilled from schooling, professional experience, and reading other works. I’m paid to convey ideas and stir the imaginations of the reader. To defy those rules completely would make my writing incomprehensible. And I’d end up broke and unemployed. However, times are changing and rules that have been entrenched for centuries do need a facelift from time to time. We’ve inherited a number of rules and styles, whether it is implementing Strunk White’s The Elements of Style or following your previous teacher’s guidelines to get better grades. In this article, we’ll take a look at just a few of the possible ways writers can—and should—break the rules of writing. Rules of Writing 1: Reading and Writing No More Freelance writing is a strange job. I must admit that I do love getting the attention of people at parties  when I mention I make my career as a â€Å"writer†; I’m also equally dismayed when I fill out list my occupation as a â€Å"writer† on tax forms. My occupation itself is a bit misnomer. I’m not a write-er, but a typer, no? And using voice-dictation software, complicates things further—am I just a talker? So, what do I really do? Our definitions are changing. As writers, we must turn our backs on conventions and clichà ©s; instead we must think beyond â€Å"thinking outside the box.† If you really think about it, the act of reading is hallucination. Essentially, writers form images and ideas in the mind’s eye of the reader. With the disintegration of what a writer is and what reading actually is, why are old rules still important? Rules of Writing 2: Write What You Know? There’s a common saying among writers that you should only write about what you know. This is well-intentioned advice: it does bring in a depth of knowledge and first-hand experience that lends immediacy and accuracy to the writing. However, the problem is that there’s PLENTY of literature that’s written about future events, fantastical world, and even biographies of past and present figures from authors that have never even met the person they’re writing about. Consider memoirs and biography: can we really vouch for the accuracy of our own memories 100%? I think not. So, feel free to break this rule of writing. Instead, modify it to: â€Å"Write about what you know. †¨If you don’t know, find out. †¨If you can’t find out, use your imagination.† If you’re more interested about writing about what you DON’T know, check out our article on this topic here. Rules of Writing 3: Accurately Expressing States of Mind Ever tried writing while drunk? That’s a rhetorical question, we all know how you spend your Wednesday mornings. To me, when I’ve looked at the written byproduct afterwards, I’m always fascinated by the particular language that I’m attempting. The endemic errors brought on by the lack of motor control accurately portray not only the subject matter (maudlin), but also level of self-awareness in an impaired person. For writers, why don’t we incorporate this as a literary device? Here’s another scenario: Have you ever had a conversation with a person that talks like a run-on sentence and seems to purposely abuse personal boundaries by endlessly stringing together irrelevant opinions seamlessly and seems to have made their point within the first few words but there’s a perverse subtext of control and submission that is perpetuated because they seem to ignore punctuation and grammatical syntax that is more often the rule of serious writ— Enough. You get my point. People in agitated states of mind, especially ones that are impaired by drugs, stress or nervous disorders, make fascinating reading material. But put that through a grammar check or even the latest apps  designed to make your writing better and you lose the essence of communication. Conclusions? 1) Break the rules when it more accurately expresses your subject matter. 2) Don’t drink and write. Rules of Writing 4: Dysfunctional Forms, New Styles and Colloquial Punctuation Ever tried to literally transcribe a conversation between a number of participants, only to be forced to heavily edit it so that the document â€Å"reads† better? Instead of adding all the important â€Å"umms†, significant pauses, and inflection, we’re left with a facsimile of what actually transpired. The document would be littered with hyphenations, sentence fragments, colloquialisms, and even non-verbal communication that is difficult to capture. God help you if you tried to include body language†¦ If you ask me, clever writers can capture this and other elements of life by regularly breaking rules of writing. Often, we’ll see â€Å"[sic]† added when the writer accurately expresses the literal words a person has spoken or used versus the proper or intended usage. â€Å"He was overconfiscating [sic] his lack of education with big words.† But what about emojis and emoticons? They’re a type of colloquial punctuation, but they’re certainly valid. I can assure you that there isn’t a wide-spread style guide on the â€Å"proper† usage of 😛 versus ;-D. But it is a form of punctuating written speech that does convey an emotion and a usage that may work. What about tone? Consider the difference between one exclamation mark versus two versus three. Three seems comical or an extreme emotion, two seems like an error, and one exclamation mark might just indicate importance. Related to exclamation marks, let’s go one step further. What about including writing in all capital letters? IT’S THE INTERNET VERSION OF SHOUTING AND YOU DON’T EVEN NEED AN EXCLAMATION MARK. This is only the tip of the iceberg, however. An article/book on modern writing techniques needs to be written, but it’s beyond the scope of this article. Rules of Writing 5: Intended Audience As a writer, you should always consider the reader, even if that person is yourself in the future. While many writers feel compelled to produce work for the widest audience as possible as (especially for clients), this rule/compulsion should be broken periodically. Why? Because your intended audience should dictate your style. Consider how you’d craft an article entitled â€Å"Snapchat for Seniors† vs. â€Å"Snapchat for Teenagers†. Ten bucks says the form and content will vary drastically. This isn’t a new concept, either. Using big words can be a cheap way of expressing intellectual dominance to those unfamiliar with the terms, much like parents spelling out controversial terms in front of their children. Similarly, the English dialects of Polari and Cockney were/are used to obfuscate language to avoid exposure to the authorities—not the intended audience. Rules of Writing 6: Illustrate with the 4th Wall For the non-fiction writer, breaking the rules can can be used to illustrate a point. For instance, the last sentence purposely included two can’s, which is case in point. The last two sentences also began with â€Å"For†, too. Even explaining this feels like me, the writer, is speaking more directly to you, the reader. However, you can take advantage of using the 4th wall as a demonstrative process. * * * As my final note, we all see the color red differently, but a STOP sign is a STOP sign. It’s your choice to make a rolling stop.

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The Dust Bowl Of The Great West - 1172 Words

Lucia Martinez Professor Kim Wombles English 1302 September 21, 2015 The Dust Bowl Imagine a great wall closing in on you with nowhere to run. Imagine sweeping a floor of sand that will never go away. Imagine having a terrible cough that leaves your throat irritated and raw to the point where you are coughing up blood. Imagine the disappointment of realizing a possible rain cloud is really a wall of dust rushing your way. For people living in the Midwest during the 1930s this was not the conjuring of imagination but a reality. â€Å"Decade long natural catastrophe of biblical proportions†¦ when plagues of grasshoppers and swarms of rabbits descended on parched fields,† (Burns, â€Å"The Dust Bowl†). What seemed like the extinction†¦show more content†¦However the stock market crash in 1929 brought the entire nation to a downward spiral of depression. While the 1920s were uplifting what followed was not. The Dust Bowl was a tragedy in America in which millions of acres of semi-arid plains were reduced to nothing but a cloud of dust. Due largely to massive amounts of dry farming and overgrazing of cattle the grasslands slowly withered away. With the drought of 1930 the grasslands blew in the wind, covering houses and forced almost four hundred thousand people out of their homes.(â€Å":The Dust Bowl†LOC). Nineteen states at the heart of the United States were part of the massive dust bowl. â€Å"The Dust Bowl was both a manmade and natural disaster† (Klein, 2012). â€Å"[The catastrophe] revealed the darker side of entrepreneurialism, its tendency to risk long-term social and ecological damage in the pursuit of short-term, private gain, (Worster, â€Å"Dust Bowl†). Like stated previously in the Library of Congress article the Dust Bowl was caused primarily by the overgrazing of cattle as well as dry farming by farmers. During the first world war wheat farmers need to fill in the demand of crops for the allied forces in Europe. While this worked for the period of time after the war ended the fields were plowed down to the bare minimum. With no wheat or grass to hold the soil together and nothing to protect the water and

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Essay on HIV/AIDS and Modern Medical Inventions - 1399 Words

Introduction Even though there is a rapid advancement in medical inventions, still the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is the most challenging virus that will drag the human lives to the deadly disease acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). It spreads its wings all over. HIV cannot be cured, but it can be prevented. It has become the greatest life threatening disease and affects unbelievably high percent of human beings. Nowadays, besides other deadly diseases, HIV/AIDS becomes more complex and crucial health issue that challenges several medical inventions. Several contributors cause this deadly virus and disease such as promiscuity, homosexuality, female circumcision, sugar daddies, sexual crime, rape, prostitution, cultural†¦show more content†¦Sub-Saharan Africa leads top position among other countries in having HIV infected population. The pathetic condition of Africa is due to promiscuity and their casual attitudes toward sex. Sexual promiscuity and AIDS are clo sely correlated, as promiscuity becomes the major reason for the transmission of this deadly virus. Several sexual practices people have may increase the risk of infection of HIV/AIDS for example homosexuality. Even though homosexuality does not have anything with the traditional aspects, it exists in places where few women are present and in situations where authoritative male can have advantage over the other males. Homosexuality is prevailed in many parts of world that may lead to the transmission of HIV/AIDS. Sugar daddies contribute more in the act of spreading HIV. As per a study in British, young girls are the victims who are infected with HIV because of these sugar daddies who date with young girl and support monetarily. Many poverty-stricken countries such as Africa and South East Asia are the target of these sugar daddies who can win girls for money. Sexual crimes, rape, and prostitution are the contributors who can easily transmit this deadly disease, as HIV/AIDS is a sex ually transmitted disease. U.N. agency reports that one in five deaths among women between the ages of 15 and 44 is linked to unsafe sex (3). In many male-dominated societies, women areShow MoreRelatedAre Chimpanzees Really And Blame?1199 Words   |  5 Pages Are chimpanzees really to blame? It wasn’t until Magic Johnson revealed that he had been victimized by HIV in the 90’s, that people took notice. HIV/AIDS could affect anyone: homosexual, heterosexual, famous or infamous (Spector 2).Before Magic’s case HIV/AIDS had been labeled as a â€Å"gay disease† and was widely ignored by heterosexuals (Spector 2). Since numerous prominent celebrities before Magic had succumbed to the disease after only a few monthsRead MoreAndrew Fleming s Discovery Of Penicillin Essay1639 Words   |  7 Pagesand women were mainly held accountable for their lack of sexual conduct and were subsequently forced to take medical examinations so not to taint the man. There was very little representation for women during the period of war, and men received an opposing societal approach to their sexual promiscuities. The stigmatisation surrounding women during this time is also prevalent in the HIV/AIDS epidemic in America, where homosexuals were blamed for the infiltrat ion of this malady, again showing societyRead MoreHow Medicine Changed American History1296 Words   |  6 PagesAmerican History Most American citizens would agree that modern medicine has drastically changed American Society. The progression of medicine has impacted American lives in multiple ways. It has changed how the United States military uses medicine, how American scientists research medicine, and how everyday American citizens use medicine. Just 100 years ago, the people of the time period would not have been able to comprehend the medical advances that today’s society experiences, and what postmodernRead MoreAids Awareness By Larry Kramer Essay2041 Words   |  9 PagesIn 1987, AIDS awareness activist Larry Kramer in his essay, I Can’t Believe You Want to Die, wrote, â€Å"AIDS is our holocaust and Reagan is our Hitler.† Kramer’s metaphor of the AIDS epidemic to the Holocaust is alluring to draw out parallels of genocide however the analogy stops at the fact that the Holocaust was deliberate human evil disguised as biological research to solve the â€Å"Jewish problemâ € , while HIV/AIDS was an actual disease without a solution that led to genocidal indifference from governmentRead MoreA Brief Note On The World Of A Big World1286 Words   |  6 PagesRachhpal Singh 12/10/15 Eng. 125 Mr. Jordan Dakin Really Small Thing in a Big World With the boom of modern technology in the late 19th century it has only grown from helping human like through medical innovations to bringing the worst of humanity in the time of war like weaponing tear gas by the French then poison gas by Germany in World War 1. This has not been the first advances in technology. Railroad made transporting large quantity of products from one states to the others faster. TelegramsRead MoreAnimal Testing is the Best Way to Test Products Essay examples1116 Words   |  5 Pagesanimal testing is the best way to test products and its not â€Å"cruel† and â€Å"inhuman† as people say. 2. Body paragraphs Topic Sentence: Sheltering the safety of people, animals and the environment. The pollution, the change in weather, and the new inventions, technologies, that we face in our daily life allows bacteria and infections to get into our body and that can sometimes cause serious diseases. Slemmer (2007) points out in his newspaper article: Although this pollution problem may seem to beRead MoreHow Technology Has Improved Our Lives1530 Words   |  7 Pageseducation and health. The interconnectedness of modern day living has allowed for many privileges and conveniences once thought impossible. The biggest of these is most certainly the increased nature of globalisation. This is a world-wide factor that has certainly benefited all participants in the world of I.T. From the most minute of instances, to the largest scale concerns of global affairs, I.T has undoubtedly been the vehicle through which modern day globalisation has been achieved. BeginningRead MoreA History of Polio in Children2085 Words   |  8 Pagessyndrome. This test is far more accurate and less invasive than any other tests on the market. If the test comes back positive the woman will then decide is she would like to undergo an amniocentesis or a chronic villus sampling (C.V.S.). In pre-modern times royal families often tried to have intermarriage between relatives. This would allow for a pure blood line which was most often seen in Western Europe. As a result there were many deformities a nd birth defects with the infants born. Due to theRead MorePreparing for Marriage5621 Words   |  23 PagesSome STIs may cause problems with the ability to get pregnant.[1] More than 30 different bacteria, viruses, and parasites can cause STIs.[1] Bacterial STIs include chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis among others. Viral STIs include genital herpes, HIV/AIDS, and genital warts among others. Parasitic STIs include trichomoniasis among others. While usually spread by sex, some STIs can also be spread by non-sexual contact with contaminated blood and tissues, breastfeeding, or during childbirth.[1] STIRead MoreUs History World War Ii Research Paper2199 Words   |  9 PagesM1 Garand rifle. World War II also marked the dawn of the semi-automatic rifle, and more importantly, the dawn of the assault rifle. These new rifles were much more accurate than other firearms of their time, and proved especially lethal. Although modern day military forces don’t use the same weapons as they did in World War II, they do still use variations of the assault rifle. The idea of the assault rifle developed in World War II has stood the test of time, as assault rifl es are still the most

Creative Strategies in Social Media Marketing †MyAssignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about the Creative Strategies in Social Media Marketing. Answer: Introduction The hospitality and tourism industry is one of the fastest growing sectors all across the globe. Almost all the countries in the world are discovering tourism opportunities in their own lands and are promoting extensively to the foreigners. A firm tourism industry also ensures massive foreign cash, which is helpful for further economic development and promises extensive investments. The whole sector employs about 10% of the entire worlds workforce. The hospitality and tourism industry is an umbrella term that is consisted of a number of other sectors. Airline and railway travel agencies, resorts, hotels and spas, casinos, tour conductors, theme parks, bars, real estates all of these sectors collectively contribute to the sector that makes up the hospitality and tourism industry. All the inputs and components of these sectors are, in effect, the components of hospitality and tourism (Riley 2014). Hospitality professionals have to work in a service based environment. The sector has a lot of functions which encompasses all the aforementioned industries. The roles of the employees also vary hugely as a lot of associated and side works need to adhered to. The sector has to be constantly changing and dynamic to adapt to the forever evolving customer requirements. The hotel business is one of the biggest sectors of the hospitality and tourism. It has billions of dollars invested in it and offers some of the most lucrative job opportunities and profit possibilities than almost none of the other industries of the world (Mok, Sparks and Kadampully 2013). The industry is forever changing and exponentially growing without any possibilities of a slump within the site. The Divine Group Ltd. has chosen this sector of the hospitality and tourism industry because they believe that is sector has a lot of potential to grow and a lot of new and creative ideas can be explored here. The Divine Group is a conglomerate based out of New South Wales and has numerous business ventures including hotels, resorts, cotton mills and also has some mark in the iron industry of the country. The group wishes to further develop the hotels wing of its operations because the Board feels like there are many unturned stones left, which can be exploited to benefit both the comp any and the society, in turn helping the country. Current business operation Divine Group believes that a greater attention can be paid to the tourism industry and the hotel sector can rise to meet those requirements in the most careful and creative way possible. The simple reason for this, is the fact that this sector directly serves and shelters the direct agents of the industry itself, whose sole existence is the reason for the industry to thrive: the humans (Jones et al. 2016). The sector has a lot of creative opportunities that would enhance the tourist experiences by a great amount. Divine Group would be investing a lot into the sector in the coming years. As can be seen from the above figure, the provinces of Victoria and New South Wales are among the two most lucrative places to run a hotel business and this s the exact thing that motivates Divine Group to work hard and operate as efficiently as they can. Currently the Group already has an existence in the sector. The Group has some hotels in some of the most prominent and biggest tourist destinations in the country. This chain of hotels helps the Group to serve the customers to provide them with one of the grandest experiences ever. The hotels are themselves umbrella networks which usher in several other sectors to help it to exist and grow. The hotels take the service of these sectors, and in turn gives back the community tenfold, which help them to forget the daily stress for a moment. The hotels, besides providing lodging, also give conducted tours at tourist destinations, which further, in a more inclusive way, serve the customers in a more soul enriching way. They also have the hotels all have state-of-the-art rooms and buildings are concentrated on a single idea to serve the best. The hotels are built on the most serene places where the nature acts as a womb and the tourists are all made to feel to be in the cusp of mother Eart h. These hotels also have plans where the tourists can be assisted by the experts of the hotel staff who would take them to breathtaking adventures where they are bound to make the most remarkable memories. The hotels truly believe that in order to redo the harm we have already caused, as a species, to the planet, we must first understand the planet. These hotels, therefore, also give ample notice to the environment while catering to the requirement of the guests. A balance must be maintained where the humans and the nature can live together (Hsiao et al. 2014). The human activities must be kept within the bound, because the planet is to be given paramount priority. The hotels do everything they can, rather, to return to the planet. They actively contribute to the environment themselves through planting trees and running their own massive campaigns to bring about a global ban on plastic bags. The hotels also understand that the lifestyle of the customers have changed over the years and need to be adhered to. The different choices of every single individual is celebrated in these hotels and every customer is given as much of a customized service plan as possible. Every small details are noticed and are used to understand the comfort needs of every person and these are given lavish treatment. The pricing schemes of the different service packages differ greatly from other hotels in the area. Even the prices of the services differ within the hotel itself. To be honest, there are no set prices for the services that are offered, simply because of the fact that every individual is given unique care and that makes having a regularized price pattern almost impossible (Mitrokostas and Apostolakis 2013). Rather, the hotels fix the pricing models based on the services the guests avail for themselves. The hotels are located in some of the most lucrative and tourist friendly places in the country, including Victoria, Brisbane and Melbourne. The fact that these places are always full with tourists, ensure year round business for the hotels and the Group can always be assured that profit would be generated by every single of the hotels. This gives the Board of Directors additional time to harness their resources to come up with new ideas and venture to new areas. The Divine Group has many possible areas it can expand into. The hotel business is a virtually never ending sector which can only grow and can only be able to offer newer services to the customers, without having to cut slacks on the already existing ones. The possibilities of expanding the industry rests upon the efficiency of the Group regarding how does it promote itself to the customers: both the existing ones as well as the potential ones. To do this, Divine has to launch extensive campaigns that would usher more focus on the organization. Along with this, the Group also has to focus on being able to deliver to the customers the idea about which services are provided by the hotels and what is the specialty of each of the hotels based on their locations and local cultures. Widespread advertising has to be done through every possible media platform and those platforms have to be used as much as possible if Divine hopes to extend their business. Social media platforms are one of the biggest and the most popular media forms in todays world. Divine Group has to remember that the youth make a huge portion of the overall demography of both the country as well as the world. Those young adults and the comparatively young people have to be reached out to. This can be easily achieved by using social media. Almost everyone on the planet with an internet connection has online profiles and they are sure to notice if any online campaign is done (Hudson and Thal 2013). Even children use these social media websites. It is of common knowledge that the parents of the children often take vacations and go to the hotels because their children want that. If these social media can be used properly, chances are, the hotels would experience a greater number of parents coming to spend more and more time there. Social media also helps organizations in another aspect. A lot of people can be reached through single efforts and without having to incur a ny extra costs; no wages have to be paid as there are no physical employees and the online posts can be taken care by absolutely anyone who has the basic knowledge about how to operate the social media websites. It also reduces establishment costs (Ashley and Tuten 2015). Online campaigns help companies to save a lot of money and Divine Group is particularly focusing on large scale social media campaigns. Though social media is very effective, it has been seen that there are people who still prefer their news to be read from newspapers and still likes advertisement leaflets being handed to them. Traditional media campaigns using printing or radio can still reach lot of people (Hays, Page and Buhalis 2013). Divine Group understands this perfectly and have been planning to run advertisements in every leading newspaper of the country. While internet has no bounds, physical newspapers and printed materials have mobility constraints. Keeping this on mind, Divine has decided to promote each hotel at the local papers. The services of each hotel would advertised on the papers that is most well known in the province of the specific location of each of the hotel. Local radio is also to be used to broadcast advertisements. The Group has its own website which have details regarding every service that is offered by the hotels as well as the unique features of the individual hotels. This website is to be completely overhauled and revamped and new information is to be added so that the customers can easily surf through the brochure and opt for the services that suite them the best. The Group also has plans to recruit professional writers who would be developing content on behalf of the hotels and write blogs to make sure that the hotels look even more appealing to the customers. Existing customers are also given certain perks and extra advantages financially if they help to promote the hotels to their friends and family. Blogs and websites are also great ways to ensure reaching out too many people can be done easily and in a more efficient way. New campaign strategies In order to ensure the success of a company, the product or service that it offers has to be correctly promoted. This can be done by using the marketing mix. The four Ps of the marketing mix are basic pillars that help organisations to flourish. These four tenets are as follows: Product This is the first thing that any company has to understand. A comprehensive idea about the product that is being sold must be held by the organization. They have to have in depth knowledge about the product they will be selling. Divine has already a clear idea about what product and service would they offer. Price The pricing decision is the second most important thing of the marketing mix. Once the organization has a firm idea about what is being sold, they can proceed to pricing the product. The pricing bundle of the services of Divine Group will be kept the same as they are now: the visitors will be charged according to the type of services they opt for or the services they choose to avail for themselves. Promotion When the nature and the price of the product have already been decided upon, the company can then get along with promoting the product to the potential customers. This is a very vital stage, as this is where the difference is created between a successful company and another one that is not. With proper promotion and advertising a huge chunk of market share can be ensured. The already existing hotels already have a good base in the country. These hotels will campaign on their own about the new projects that are being initiated by the Group. Place Deciding on the location of the selling or promoting point of the product has to be done very carefully. With the selection of the right location, maximum customer attention can be ushered in. the hotels that are already existing would provide a great place to start the promotions as they already have a good customer inflow and if promotion is done in these places, Divine is sure to capture a lot of customer attention. New plans and recommendations Divine Group has plans to expand their hotel business even further and going beyond the conventional hotel services. They plan to move into the territories of the country that has been untouched for this long because of the adverse weather. However, the risks of contaminating the environment is real and the Group understands and acknowledges this very well. It plans to move ahead with the plans only if the environmentalists and the government sanctions the plans. The aboriginal people of the country are to be given the highest priorities when it comes to the rights of the lands and Divine does not wish to do anything that would in any way affect them or bring about a change in their lifestyle. The aboriginal tribes have lived in these lands for much longer than the anyone else and their satisfaction is of paramount necessity. Divine plans to expand to the vicious Outback of the country where nature is at her harshest and the visitors can be given an experience where they would feel aligned with the nature. The humans are part of the planet and the nature transcends the earthly boundaries and into the universe. The fact that everything is, in fact, connected, can work as a big revelation to the humans and motivate them greatly to protect the only planet where life thrives. Divine wishes to accomplish this by making sure the most premium services can be offered even in the roughest of conditions where nature is unforgiving. This would need careful expansions and a lot of meticulous planning. The already existing hotels would provide the new hotel with experienced staff who can handle tricky situations efficiently and can manage to bring only the best to the visitors. The tourists deserve all the luxury available and that is exactly what Divine plans to deliver. Conclusion From the above discussion it is clear that Divine Group is on the right track to expand its business and go deeper into the tourism industry of the country. For now, the Group seeks to have a great understanding of the overall operations and tricks of the industry. In future, if everything yields positive e results, the Group would also be nurture the idea to expand overseas. However, Divine is currently focused on expanding into new areas and would try to make the best out of the opportunity that they are getting as of the moment. The plans are being charted out carefully and are being analyzed even more meticulously so that the planning does not go in vain and every plan is made into a reality. For now, the actions and operations of Divine Group looks to be on the rise and the group hopes to profit the maximum from it while making sure that the environment is also kept safe. References Ashley, C. and Tuten, T., 2015. Creative strategies in social media marketing: An exploratory study of branded social content and consumer engagement.Psychology Marketing,32(1), pp.15-27. Hays, S., Page, S.J. and Buhalis, D., 2013. Social media as a destination marketing tool: its use by national tourism organisations.Current issues in Tourism,16(3), pp.211-239. Hsiao, T.Y., Chuang, C.M., Kuo, N.W. and Yu, S.M.F., 2014. Establishing attributes of an environmental management system for green hotel evaluation.International Journal of Hospitality Management,36, pp.197-208. Hudson, S. and Thal, K., 2013. The impact of social media on the consumer decision process: Implications for tourism marketing.Journal of Travel Tourism Marketing,30(1-2), pp.156-160. Jones, P., Jones, P., Hillier, D., Hillier, D., Comfort, D. and Comfort, D., 2016. Sustainability in the hospitality industry: some personal reflections on corporate challenges and research agendas.International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management,28(1), pp.36-67. Mitrokostas, E. and Apostolakis, A., 2013. Research note: Strategic corporate social responsibility and competition in the tourism industryA theoretical approach.Tourism Economics,19(4), pp.967-975. Mok, C., Sparks, B. and Kadampully, J., 2013. Service quality management in hospitality, tourism, and leisure. Routledge. Riley, M., 2014. Human resource management in the hospitality and tourism industry. Routledge.

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Problems in Marriage Case Study

The case under consideration evaluates the situations where a wife and a husband face a number of problems connected with their family life and cannot find another decision but divorce. Advertising We will write a custom report sample on Problems in Marriage Case Study specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The husband believes that it is impossible to trust his wife as she cheats him through the Internet services, and the wife explains that her husband does not want to be involved into their family affairs. Both partners are not confident in the desire to remain committed to each other in this marriage; still, they have to sons, the twins, and have to think about the wellbeing of their children. The outcome of the situation is not that pleasant: the husband hospitalized because of suicidal ideation subsequent. Both partners are in need of professional help; both partners should evaluate the situation and their life, and both partners should be provided with a chance to develop appropriate communication with each other. To help two people comprehend their mistakes and choose the most effective solution in such situation, it is possible to make use of Reality Therapy offered Dr. William Glasser at the end of 1965 (Zastrow, 2009). The main point of the chosen therapy is that it is usually available to anyone and aims at helping people reconnect. This theory best addresses the chosen family’s treatment need as it focuses on the present. It is sometimes wrong to evaluate the actions taken in the past as the main reason of human problems is present discontents, present problems, and present feelings. People have to comprehend the results of their actions and inabilities to find some common decision. A man could lose his life, and a woman is so involved into personal satisfaction of needs. They cannot evaluate the situation from numerous perspectives and admit how terrible their problems in regard to their chi ldren are. There are two main components of the chosen therapy: the creation of trusting environment where two adults are able to develop conversations and the choice of the ideas which help to define what the patients really want, create a plan, and evaluate whether some negative outcomes may be expected. Advertising Looking for report on psychology? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The results of the case assessment show that two people are sick and tired of their relations and cannot find appropriate reasons to continue living together. Still, they have already faced similar problems before and managed to find some successful solutions. This is why it is possible to evaluate their present feelings and problems. This couple is diagnosed as the one with inabilities to plan their future and to think about positive aspects of their life together. The prognosis is the following: in case the couple avoids mutual judgments and con stant blaming, they may learn to prevent the situations which may destroy their relations. For example, it is possible to create a plan according to which the demands of the couple are met. One day is organized in accordance with wife’s demands, the next day is for husband, and one more day has to be devoted to children’s wishes only so that parents could comprehend that they are responsible for two lives they gave birth to one day. If the wife and the husband agree to follow the treatment, the prognosis may become rather promising. There are some other relevant treatment goals which may be expected: the couple has to be provided with fun and entertainment that is possible in human life. In case they are involved into some activities, they are not bothered with the memories from the past and the misunderstanding they may suffer from. Finally, it is necessary to keep in mind that human behavior is hard to changes, still, it is possible to create the conditions under wh ich people may feel safe, protection, and pleasure of being together without taking into consideration the troubles and discontents from the past. Reference List Zastrow, C. (2009). The Practice of Social Work: A Comprehensive Worktext. Belmont, CA: Cengage Learning. This report on Problems in Marriage Case Study was written and submitted by user Quinten Lawrence to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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The Bhagavad Gita essays

The Bhagavad Gita essays The Bhagavad Gita and Self Realization As a sacred text, The Bhagavd Gita teaches Hindus how to live in the world. The world in which we live is said to be a world of illusion. Out of ignorance and selfishness we bind ourselves to this world through our desires and our actions, not knowing our true nature and true purpose. It says that people remain chained to the cycle of births and deaths and to the forces of nature. The text informs us how a person can perform his duty in this world and still remain free from the consequences of his actions. It deals with such basic concepts as the nature of our existence and the nature of our true self. One main teaching of The Bhagavad Gita is about ones hidden self. In every one there is a real and hidden self which is different from the external self. Every one must realize this difference between the outer self and the inner self. To do this, one must establish a stable mind, dispose of sense organs and truly understand what the soul really is. The first thing necessary to realize this true inner self is by stabilizing ones mind. A man is said to be stable of mind when he renounces all desires and remains satisfied in the self by the self. He remains undisturbed and unmoved by the passions(6.35) of the mind and the outside world. According to The Bhagavad Gita, the mind is unstable because of the activity of the senses, and the unstable mind is an enemy of the self. As Krishna states, when a man is not the lord of his soul then this becomes his enemy (6.6). The mind can be stabilized through self-discipline and self-control, getting rid of desire by getting rid of the sense objects, living in solitude, and by keeping ones mind on God. Moderation in every thing we do is another method prescribed to achieve this state of mind. Krishna says that Yoga is a harmony. Not for him to eats too much, or for him who eats too little; not for him who sl ...

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Urban design starts with social design. Critically evaluate this Essay

Urban design starts with social design. Critically evaluate this statement in the context of place-making - Essay Example Social design involves the designer coming up with creative designs while keeping his or her responsibility in the society in mind. The designer uses the design to bring about the required social change. From the definitions, it is evident that there exist a relationship between urban design, social design and placemaking. In all of them, the designer has the client’s preferences at heart designing to ensure that the wants of their clients are fulfilled. In place making, the comfort and happiness of the client is the motivation behind its design. In urban design, the main motivation involves changing the shape of villages, cities and towns according to the specification of clients in those areas. In social design, the designer is interested in enhancing their social responsibility. Despite this relationship, social design is not the first to consider when doing urban design and placemaking. The reason is that it is difficult for inhabitants in a certain area to have the same sense of place (Lucas 2012). Individual clients for the different designs experience multiple and disjointed areas with poor relationships among them. There exists a difference between social policy, expectations of the reform is and real-place making capacity. There is an increasing tension existing between planners and architects concerned with placemaking and an enlightened approach to urban designs, though they all have a less socially based agenda. Despite that, they still have a tremendous influence on shaping what can be built through the enforcement of the technical requirements and standards. Urban designs does not start with social design, it could start with needs and preferences of the client, which is more important than social design. In beginning the social impact initiative for these social designers, they have to declare their specific intentions. The reason is that designs and